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Technology at a Student Union

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    Hey all

    I'm wondering, has anyone any examples of how modern IT web services are being used by Student Unions to interact better with the people they represent and make the sites more fun etc.

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    I'm taking the "web services" usage very loosely here and not talking about the XML type - but you should check out

    Project Hurricane is an online community in a box specifically created for students who wish to set up an online community.

    This was developed by myself and Dominic Hopton just after our final year projects at universities in the UK. It's built on ASP.NET and should be very easy to pick up and install/extend.


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    hey MarkJ.  it would seem youve done a good job of stopping anyone from getting in contact with you.  Would it be possible to talk some more, i'd like to throw some ideas around and ask for some suggestions.  i can be reached by msn or hotmail on

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