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    Windows 2003 and XP, fully up to date:


    1)      One thing that really gets to me is when Explorer windows steal focus from other applications and sometimes even themselves. Sometimes after a transaction (such as Internet Explorer downloading a Web page) or worker threads updating information, these windows will steal focus from other applications as if you had pressed ALT+Tab. Sometimes when I launch IE and type in an address in the URL edit box, IE will reset focus to the edit box as I’m typing. That means when I am typing in “” my typing will come out to be something like, “.com  WTF?” because the edit control’s focus was reset and the caret moved to the beginning of the line.


    2)      I work extensively in console windows because I find it a lot faster than clicking around or even using keyboard shortcuts in Explorer windows. Just about any kind of event on the desktop or within an application such as a popup window or instant message or a call to the API for FlashWindow will take me out of a full screen console window. FlashWindow is the biggest offender, taking me out of full screen sessions after each and every instant message was received from just about any instant messenger.


    Although, the new “Filter by” feature in Longhorn is extremely handy and I love whoever thought to finally implement it in Explorer windows. I find myself using the console window a lot less now because of that feature.


    3)      After resizing a console window to the perfect size, as soon as I type in the window or some text comes in by itself triggered by some event that puts output on the screen, the console window will completely resize itself and even select a different font. No one told it to do that!

    4)      I get locked shares where Explorer tells me a file is in use by another process even if I close all shares from Computer Management or come back fresh from a reboot. These are not system files and are definitely not in use, and require me to delete them from console recovery mode or from another operating system (thank god I have Longhorn on dual boot.)


    That’s it for now. This is one of those threads where I’ve been dying to say something for a while, but then when you’re on the spot you have trouble thinking of something.