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Headless installation of Windows Small Business Server 2003

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    In the specifiaction I noticed that minimum spec for display is given as

    VGA or hardware that supports console redirection

    I was planning on building a server for home over the summer, and original was going to install something like freebsd, but I am now considering Small Business Server, really want the exchange component.

    I found this on MSDN;en-us;815273, which seems to be about installing via a serial console.

    Has anyone actually done this? If I have a motherboard which supports serial redirection of bios will it work, or is, as is the case with OpenBSD, this not essential.

    And lastly will remote desktop be enabled, allowing me to get the gui for the server once installation is complete, or do I need to enable it first?

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    Here at home I use a kvm switch if I really need to get into the box, otherwise I use Remote Desktop.  I'd build it with a monitor and what not first and then wack the head off.

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    and pssst.... follow the wizards and let the install do it's thing.  Let it dcpromo and all that.  Let it install and THEN start playing with the built box.

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