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Outlook 2003 - Calender - Prune View?

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    I have done some major googling, used the Office help and can't find what I'm after (if it exists).

    I have the Outlook Calender set in month view which looks good, the only issue I have with it is that it shows me at least the last year of entries in the single view and frankly its hard to find up-coming events.

    Can you have Outlook trim all the days that have gone by and only show today and upcoming... So the first entry would be today -- or this week (don't mind a weeks history but having a years is a little OTT).

    The stuff in red is what I'm trying to get rid of:

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    I'm not too sure what you're asking here.

    The view you show only displays two weeks history and two weeks future. If you want to see further into the future scroll down a bit.

    As far as I know, the calendar skeleton is fixed, though you can set up filters to pick what appointments are shown.

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