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Executing EXE embedded in assembly

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    Is it possible to add an exe and 2 dll files to a C#.NET project, and execute the exe (the exe needs the 2 dll files to run properly) from within the assembly ??
    Saw somewhere a thread, where they talk about extracting the needed files from the assembly to a temporary directory and launch it from there...after program finished remove those files.

    /me is a C# 'beginner' so I don't know how to do that move Wink


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    I believe you can using Process() ,, to execute the exe.

    This class is located in the System.Diagnostics namespace.  If its a COM application you may be able to use Interop to expose the exe to your managed code. 

    Here is a MSDN Resource: DiagnosticsProcessClassTopic

    Hope this helps... 


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    With the process class I'm only able to execute a file outside the assembly (on disk)
    I want to execute the file from the assembly or the second option I gave

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    Yes this can be done using embedded resources.  I have done this using visual studio.  I'm not sure the syntax to do this using commandline compiler, csc.exe

    In visual studio you can add the binaries to your project, then right click on the binary and open its properties.  Change the build action to embedded resource.  Then that resource will now live in your final assembly.

    Below code is then used to pull that out of the assembly at runtime.

    There is also the idea of the content build action but I have not looked into it any further.  I use this approach for unit testing some times.  For instance, if there is a couple of files that the tests are dependant on, ill compile them into the assembly and guarantee that they'll be there when the test runs.

    -----------------------------------------------------Stream input = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetManifestResourceStream(fileName);

    if(File.Exists(fileName)) File.Delete(fileName);

    BinaryWriter output = new BinaryWriter(new FileStream(fileName,FileMode.CreateNew));

    byte[] buffer = new byte[input.Length];


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    Thx KevinClement, you solution worked !

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    What if I want to execute the exe without saving it to disk, and the exe has not been made with .net (so that something like this will not work:

    Assembly a = Assembly.Load(bytes);//bytes = the bytes of the exe

    Is there a way to execute an embedded non .net exe without saving it to disk?


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