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Folder Attributes Mystery

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    I've noticed a very strange peculiarity: In Windows XP Home Ed SP1, fully up to date with patces, and with all hard disk partitions formatted as NTFS: Right-click on any folder on a hard disk and select the Properties option. Take a look at the Read-Only attribute. It's a green square. All attempts at changing it fail. Next time you look, the green square's back. I wasted a few days trying to understand this. Then I posted the question on a few other forums (Scott Finnie, Lockergnome). The general consensusm there was that it is bizarre, but normal behaviour. It doesn't affect the files in the folder at all, nor does it stop you renaming, moving or deleting the folder. Can anyone explain what is happening a bit more? John

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    in cmd use...attrib -r c:/readonly.txt

    "Unlike the Read-only attribute for a file, the Read-only attribute for a folder is typically ignored by Windows, Windows components and accessories, and other programs. For example, you can delete, rename, and change a folder with the Read-only attribute by using Windows Explorer. The Read-only and System attributes is only used by Windows Explorer to determine whether the folder is a special folder, such as a system folder that has its view customized by Windows (for example, My Documents, Favorites, Fonts, Downloaded Program Files), or a folder that you customized by using the Customize tab of the folder's Properties dialog box. As a result, Windows Explorer does not allow you to view or change the Read-only or System attributes of folders.";EN-US;326549

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    Thanks. Might it be a good idea if Windows Explorer didn't display the read-only attribute for folders? As it stands at the moment things are very confusing and people could waste a lot of time on it. We did. John

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