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Using UIPAB Wisely

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    I've finally got a web sample of mine configured to at least navigate using ther UIPAB.

    The next challenge is to figure out how to take care of traditional forms control operations.  Do we try to include all these methods in the controller class??  or do we continue to call them in the code behind?

    Seems like most of the samples from MS are one task, one screen type architecture, whereas in the real world, the ASP.NET screen does a lot of work simply posting back to itself.....trying to grasp this new paradigm.

    Any ideas, thoughts, or grotesque noises??


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    Please come on over to my new workspace for a simple ASP.NET/VB.NET sample using the UIPAB.

    There's a discussion newsgroup there and it'll be active. See you soon.  Also downloadable sample that works and is simple to follow.

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    GotDotNEt workspace is down.

    It is presently beyond my control for any of the following reasons..pick one:
    1. Censorship - nothing on site is anything but G-rated.
    2. MS Servers are overloaded - not a good advertisement for MS software.
    3. GotDotNet site itself is buggy - I could get to other workspaces.
    4. As owner of site i screwed up the configuration somehow - possible.  I don't work at Microsoft so I'm boring and fallible.

    Anyhoo - hopes that the site is back up soon.....


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