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fyi: passport mail system is blacklisted

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    the mail server microsoft uses to send out email confirmations when mail adresses of passport users are change is blacklisted.

    the server is [],
    and it is listed on

    this makes it impossible to change ones mail adress in passport incase a spam filter using spamcop is inplace on the passport users side.

    it really would be nice if you did something about this.

    and btw: the server that is used to send out login information for webcasts [ ] is also blacklisted at spamcop. that makes it impossible to join a webcast incase one is using spamcop Sad

    thomas woelfer

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    So ? What's the problem ?

    Temporary change IP on Microsoft servers and wait for resolution from SpamCop.

    Just for a record - has no any reverse DNS records. Something that is a must for legitive servers.

    Check this and find that there is even more funny results. reversed to thich give only one incorrect IP in return.
    Or -> -> No record.

    This is plain wrong and a subject to fix.

    I understand that there can some misterious reasons inside Microsoft to create following configuration - but they are unknown to me.
    IT inside Microsoft are paid well to be able correct this in 1 hour ;o))

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    >> 1 hour ;o))

    apart from the fact they haven't fixed this for quite some time now.

    this is a real problem, and they should fix it. i'm not sure why you think this aint a problem.

    thomas woelfer

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    Okey. So do you wish me to give you correct estimate on correction time ?

    How about two months ??


    " listed in (

    Since SpamCop started counting, this system has been reported about 100 times by less than 10 users. It has been sending mail consistently for at least 201.1 days. In the past 359.6 days, it has been listed 17 times for a total of 36.0 days"

    If you wish anything to happened inside Microsoft - wait for two months.
    The only one problem is to determine then start counting days Wink

    "Business @ The Speed Of Thought. was written to inspire you to demand - and get - more from technology, enabling you and your company to respond faster to your customers, adapt to changing business demands, and prosper in the digital economy" ;o))

    Sorry - nothing personal. But I've a lot of bad experience in addition to current situation Sad

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    Hey gents, thanks for sharing your concerns. 

    I am not quite sure I unserstand the issue.  Until I understand the issue I don't know where to even start to find someone in this 50,000 company that might even have a clue. 

    IS this an issue with your hotmail?  Your Passport?  Who needs to fix it at Microsoft in your opinion? 

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    rather long answer is in your mail Smiley

    thomas woelfer

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    Thanks, I will have a look and see what I can do to help.  I appreciate you sending me more info.

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