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View Thread: Future Suggestions for Windows Services
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    I have noticed that Windows services are becoming increasingly popular. I have created a few of them myself.


    What I’d really like to see is some sort of logical and physical division in the service controller that divides the core operating system services from third party services. For example, in the management console there could be some sort of tabbed view that divides the core system services from third party services. Additionally, there could also be some sort of visual cue that gives attention to the critical services that the operating system absolutely must rely on and will not shutdown.


    I also use “sc” from the command line to control services so it’d be great to see some sort of division there as well.


    A physical division between the two types of services would also be nice so that third party services could be completely wiped out and the system would be unaffected. (Maybe this is too optimistic of an idea because it could create some problems with third party services that provide low-level hardware support.)


    I’ve also noticed that we’ve come a long way with version control and resolving naming conflicts, yet these ideas are almost absent in the service controller. Since most services sport generic names, this could only lead to trouble as more and more people move to NT platforms and services get more attention.