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    doron wrote:
    i discoverd  the dxmutmisc.cs  is not present in the solution. and i get gazilion errors regarding its name space.
    so how ecactly is this code suppose to work in VB like the tutorial siad?

    thank you

    ps - im new here so im sorry if i posted in the wrong place

    Hi Doron,

    I ran into similar problems when I was reviewing the code and tried to run it. Luckily, I was also researching how to do high performance counters with an accuracy better than GetTickCount().

    Here is a link to the timer class I'm working on that uses the QueryPerformanceCounter/Frequency functions.

    Click to view the timer class:

    I'll not give you a total solution to get the code to work, but if you examine the code for the class I created, you'll get a pretty good idea what is going on. Just keep in mind this class is in its "Beta" stage.