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    I want to start going though the Beginning Game Development toturials and I have a question. Should I get the DirectX9 SDK, or should I start with the latest which is DirectX10? I am a professional developer but have no experience with DirectX and I want to make this as painless as possible. If I should get the DerictX9 SDK, where can I get it? the Microsoft web site has it pretty well. Any advise would be greatly appreciated (as long as it is good advise) Tongue Out

    EDIT: Ok I found the april2005 release of DX9 sdk. which one should I install? should I reference the DX9 when I start? Will there be any problems if I install both?

    Ok, after reading through a little bit I found that the tutorial starts out using the DirectX9 (Feb 2005) release. I found it by doing a search on the msdn site for "DirectX9 (February 2005)" (go figure) Expressionless I will assume that if I install this version of the SDK things will go smooth from here. maybe this will help anyone with the same anal retentive tendecies that I have.Perplexed