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    Great tutorial series! I am new to .net c# and direct-3d but found the tutorials very good. So good in fact that I have already started work on a new game!

    However, I think that some of the code in Part VI is slightly buggy(!) :O

    Specifically the calculations for the Index Buffer and Vertex buffers. Both routines as far as I'm aware (and remember I'm a noob at this) seem to only work with terrain that is in a perfectly square area of vertices....

    If you try different grids where the number of VertX != to the number of VertY the code fails. It might be that I'm using the code incorrectly, so I'm posting here to find out if there is an issue.

    I have corrected the formula used in the code on my machine and everything seems to work fine now.Big Smile

    If you guys want me to post the modified code just send me an email!

    Noob DirectX'er