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    (Lesson entitled DirectInput)

    Hello; fellow programmers. . .

    I, like most of you, have found this string of tutorials a great way to

    step into the world of directX programming.

    I, however, have become a little confused over the way the author

    creates the cubes used for containing the textures of the SkyBox.

    This code snippet which creates one of the cubes used to display terrain texture in the skybox confuses me in a couple ways:

    - What does each point represent :

    (what exactly are Vertices/Vertexs)

    - What do Tu, Tv, Nx, Ny and Nz represent

    - And my biggest confusing lies in how we decipher where each point is to be found in the 3D world :

    - where is the point of reference?

    - if this is actually making a cube (which i believe) why dont we just logically use a square being that the texture is a square and never passed by the player.

    Mostly I am just trying to understand the scale and

    measurement system being used to reference points in the

    infinite world we have.

    _leftFaceVertex[0].X = -100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[0].Y = 100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[0].Z = -100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[0].Tu = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[0].Tv = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[0].Nx = 1.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[0].Ny = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[0].Nz = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[1].X = -100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[1].Y = 100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[1].Z = 100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[1].Tu = 1.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[1].Tv = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[1].Nx = 1.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[1].Ny = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[1].Nz = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[2].X = -100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[2].Y = -100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[2].Z = -100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[2].Tu = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[2].Tv = 1.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[2].Nx = 1.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[2].Ny = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[2].Nz = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[3].X = -100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[3].Y = -100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[3].Z = 100.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[3].Tu = 1.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[3].Tv = 1.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[3].Nx = 1.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[3].Ny = 0.0f;
    _leftFaceVertex[3].Nz = 0.0f;

    Thanks for anyhelp and I hope my question has not already been