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    Well in the last article, he mentioned that DirectX will not draw the side facing the camera so to make sure you use the correct culling. I figured he would have done it correctly in the example, but maybe I'm wrong.

    I'm not zoomed in anymore than the example starts out as.

    This is from the last article: "When drawing a three-dimensional object, DirectX does not render the primitives (triangles) that comprise the faces of those objects that do not face the camera. This is called back face culling.

    DirectX determines which side of an object is facing the camera by using the order (winding) of the vertices. If you choose either clockwise or counterclockwise, then the vertices that are wound the opposite are on the back of the object and are culled. The default mode is counterclockwise culling, so you need to make sure to define your vertices in a clockwise order."