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    arulk wrote:


     I am trying to follow the series in this section.  Can someone tell me how to install Directx SDK for managed code?  I installed direct sdk  9.0 full sdk and followed that by august 2005 update and octorbe 2005 update. However, when I look at the GAC there is only one DLL registered for version 2.0 of CLR. 


    Trying to compile the code as given in the article is also giving build errors.


    What am I missing?




    The DirectX SDK should be all you need. But the Managed DirectX API changes quite frequently -- it's still very young after all. I don't know which SDK version the Code4Fun samples used, but it's entirely possible that the latest SDK breaks those samples. Does any one know if the SDK ships with all older MDX libraries? Or just the latest one?