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    A Programmer

    gopakumator wrote:im getting some error while comiling the code in Article III (DirectX II):
    Im using VS.NEt 2004 and i have .NET Framework 1.1 redistrutable installed.
    The eroor i get is this...
    An unhandled exception of type 'Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.InvalidCallException' occurred in

    "I'm getting the same error. I believe it is because we're trying to compile this tutorial using Visual Studio 2003 instead of the recommended Visual Studio 2005."

    I'm using Visual C#2005 Express Edition and finding the same sort of problem.

    The solution is to download and install the code for each session and go back through it to find the bits and pieces that the author forgot to mention in the article. I found a couple of lines here and there he forgot to mention in the last two articles.

    This last error was particularly weird in that the apparent fix was to add the "angle" variable and assignment statement. It doesn't look like it is actually used anywhere in the default code, but adding it fixed the exception! Perplexed