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    I thought the article started off really well. Went at a good pace by explaining what each addition of code meant and letting me add it so i understood each section. Great!
    and then i get to section 3 (the direct input section) and ahhh whats going on?! the article suddenly states that it has added and refactored a whole load of code! so now i'm completely lost because i thought the whole point of the tutorial was to go through how do design a game well step-by-step.
    So, i decide that it is easiest just to download the code and continue anyway. Then i keep on reading and the article has changed to techno bable. Now, i'm joking a little really because i have done some OpenGL and discrete math in which i did matrix transformations so i did actually understand what was going on. but, if i was new to computer graphics i would have been completely lost because it in no way attempts to explain what some of the things are e.g. an Identity matrix.
    The reason why i'm doing this tutorial is because i'd like to get a grasp of DirectX after using OpenGL a little bit and also understand how to program a game well. Unfortuanately i really feel like its started to miss the point in later sections.
    Good effort but it started sprinting too soon.