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    Hey wert1990,

    Thanks for your help! It worked!


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    I downloaded the latest (august) DX SDK.
    I installed C# express.
    I downloaded the code for the first few tuts.
    I compiled the unmodified code for the first few tuts.
    Debug version does nothing I can see;
    Release versions fail: ask whether I want to send an error report
    I seem to have wasted the last 6 hours of my life on this stuff
    I know C++ but I know nothing about Windows programming, so maybe I'm missing something obvious, but shouldn't the tutorials just work out of the box? THey compile fine.

    Maybe I just need to find a beginning game programming tutorial that actually works somewhere else. <sigh> This one looked so promising though. But now it's very late and I'm a little bit ticked off.

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    star date log: the very next day

    I realize now that the debug version works (F5) and perhaps was working all along. It's the release version (F6) that doesn't work. It compiles fine, I think. It doesn't automatically run though after compiling. When I go to the release folder and try to run it it just causes the Send Error Report dialog box to open.

    I don't have this problem with sample projects included with the SDK.

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    F6 in visual express (at least, in the one I have:) ) is the shortcut for 'Build', so it's normal that no instance of the actual application is started. 

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     what about vb.
    this may be off topic but the totrial says that you can use vb but i keep getting errors because the DirectX support files are in c#. even the sample code gats errors
    help please:(

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    Hmm, I've been following the tutorial to the second page now, and I had some problems. Luckily for me, I was smart enough to solve them. These problems were not mine, they were derik's...(but I won't critisize since I'm clueless on how to do anything in C# unless it's in a detailed step by step tutorial).

    Anyways, you need to add this to the using commands-

    using Microsoft.DirectX;

    using Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D;

    And somewhere after the render loop you should have this empty thing-

    private void GameEngine_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

    Pretty useless huh? But it solves a major problem that I had been getting, so you had better have this in there!

    P.S. this should solve everything before he tells you to execute the empty blue box. Tongue Out Nothing more.

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    Sudoku Game Part II


    public class Cell : INotifyPropertyChanged

    causing errors ... 

    Need to add

    using System.ComponentModel;

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    I got this error for the 3rd part of the Begin Game Dev series:

    Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.InvalidCallException was unhandled
      Message="Error in the application."

    after a day of head scratching and moving things about to see what effects they had I fixed it by moving this line of code:

    device.VertexFormat = CustomVertex.PositionColored.Format;

    to above this line:

    device.DrawUserPrimitives(PrimitiveType.LineStrip, 6, CreateCrossHairVertexArrayTop());

    rather than below the DrawUserPrimitives as I seemed to think whilst reading the tutorial

    Everything else I did as told and I used Visual Studio Express with the SP1 and the Aug2006 Direct SDK and it seems to work fine.

    I understand the issue as you have to define a pipeline before you draw the arrays?

    PS Hello to everyone

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    Problems with part7

    Hi i downloaded project part 7. terrain generator is a separate project file and there are no references to it atall in the battletank project code in fact i cannot tell any difference between the battletank projects from parts 6 and 7 except for this additional terrain generator project file that doesnt work on its own????


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    Been looking at the article a little more

    Just to be sure can i ask is this article and corresponding code finished???


    With these changes to the camera class, integrating the terrain into the game will be a lot easier. It also shows you that there are many ways of accomplishing the same task. You should experiment with the various versions and choose the one you like best.

    Terrain Elevation

    In the last article you may have noticed that we used the Scaling matrix to change the size of the terrain mesh before rendering. These scale variables must be applied to any coordinate resolutions, so I moved them into separate variables. Remember to set add _device.RenderState.NormalizeNormals = true to recompute the normals.

    At the bottom of the Terrain class add the following code.

    From what i can gather the tutorial doesnt explain how to integrate the newly created terrain into the main project.


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    How about some articles like that using c++. Because i have been having trouble finding good complete up to date tutorials. Thanks:D

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