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View Thread: National ID system built on .net
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    dotnetjunkie wrote:
    Just imagine that you would only need one card anymore, and that card is your ID card, bankcard, VISA card, security token, etc... etc...

    I already have, thanks.  I wonder what the wide, wonderful world of "only one card" would look like? And when that card is hacked, have fun trying to prove your identity, because you know that the cryptography world is littered with broken algorithms. What are they up to now RC-5 or RC-6? And as PCs become more powerful, do you seriously think for a minute that those resources won't be turned against that very card you covet? Such a consolidated card would become the ultimate "one-stop shopping" treasure trove for identity thieves. Oh, and this has absolutely nothing to do with system being Windows based or Unix/Linux based.  Worse yet, Microsoft has a history riddled with issues when it comes to implementing internet software.

    Theft doesn't go away with technology, it only changes form.