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[] session state management / performance

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    I'm curious to your experiences with performance gains/losses with the different types of session state management (InProc, StateServer, SQLServer).
    InProc is pretty much unusable in our projects due to building/deploying issues, so I have the choice: aspnet_state.exe or SQL Server? Probably both have their pros and cons, but which one do you think is 'best'?

    Links to webpages/articles are of course very welcome, too.


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    I'm still trying to figure out why my app occasionally loses the Session vars altogether. It's like the process restarts, but it doesn't show in the event log as having restarted. It's more like the session state just resets and I lose all my values. I'm sure it will take a lot of man hours to find.

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    in reply to LazyCoder, everytime you change the global.asax, web.config, or dll files, it will cause you app to reset.. ALSO, you can go to the properties of the Application Bag for which your app is attached to, and look at the worker thread config. something may have been changed?

    in reply to miies
    aspnet_state.exe or SQL Server...

    with SQL Server, your session can persist permanently and is most secure, yet it requires an SQL transaction during session state management, something that can become quite costly..

    Im not too sure about the session server (out-of-proc).. but I usually only hear people using inproc or sql

    THIS forum at Forums is GREAT .. they answer quite quickly and there is TONS of information to go through.


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    Thanks. I've found some hard figures (more or less) in this, very informative, article by Dino Esposito:

    StateServer: approx. 15% overhead
    SQL Server: approx. 25% overhead

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