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What's locking my files?

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    Hi all

    I seem to have reached a strange situation with my pc.

    I can create text files using the familiar right click/New/Text File, but the file that's created seems to be instantly locked so I cannot rename or delete or save to it.

    Is there any way that I can detect which process/program is locking my text files?

    Thanks in Advance

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    You can use this utility to find which process has a hold on a file handle

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    You should also check your permissions on the directory. You may have permission to create files but not change them (rename or add to them).  

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    Err, you might want to install linux.. Just joking.

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    You may also try Unlocker

    I use it to help find why my USB drive won't unmount, but it also helps when explorer locks the file and won't give it back.

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    Steve411 wrote:
    Err, you might want to install linux.. Just joking.

    Where's an animated barf emoticon when you need it Smiley

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    C9s first 419?

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    misselizabethcoleman wrote:
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    Why would I ever fear myself? Why would anyone fear themselves?...

    I don't believe that this is Channel9's first Nigerian attack, I think there has been others but they were deleted. I hope the same for this one, I wish that the 9Teamers could delete just that post rather than the whole thread but attempting to create a mechanism for easy deletion of single entry(s) plus permenant removal of the entry in the search database and safe removal off peoples RSS feeds is a hard and buggy thing to go through.

    Let me test it Smiley

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