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View Thread: FxCop vs Static Constructors
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    JParrish wrote:
    I also have a question about FXCop.. it picks on naming conventions when I have named something that is a 3 letter acronym followed by capitalization of the next work. For instance FTPAddress.. it doesn't like that, but is FtpAddress actually preffered? I have seen some member names in the FCL that are named this way.. but since the rule was for acronyms up to 3 letters you capitalize, I am not sure.

    The design guidelines state: "When using acronyms, use Pascal case or camel case for acronyms more than two characters long. For example, use HtmlButton or htmlButton. However, you should capitalize acronyms that consist of only two characters, such as System.IO instead of System.Io". I believe FxCop is trying to enforce those guidelines.