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smart XML logging

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    Ok this might be a very dumb post so i apolagise.

    MSN Messenger uses xml logging now, doesn't it?  If so how about this.

    say a conversation is going like this

    Me> hey
    Jack> Hiya how are you
    Me> Fine, have you got Tonys mobile number?
    Jack> sure it's 04989865476
    Me> Cheers

    can xml be smart enough to open up a tag like this <phonenumber></phonenumber>.  Where it would wait for characters to be inputted and then filter out the non alpha characters thus putting 04989865476 into the phonenumber tag, so when searching through logs for phonenumber it knows exactly what you mean.

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    Interesting. So what I'm thinking is your asking if IM would have events listening to the text to see if "phone" or "mobile number" come up and when they do, the next reply will be encapsulated with the <phonenumber> tag.

    I would say that is a tough call. I would think that SmartTag type of technology could help you there, yet I don't think it would be 100% successful.

    Then again, I don't work at MSFT.

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    Sounds like a clasic candidate for WinFS and a good idea. It could be used in conjunction with a proximity search ie: <PhoneNumber> within 4 nodes of "Tony"


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