In the Box is Sean Campbell's article series on how to write code to get the most out of Windows.

Current article list:

  • Setting Wallpaper

    The application allows you to browse to an image, view a preview, select the display style, and set the image as the Desktop background.   

  • Poor Man's Power Monitor

    I wanted an application that made it really easy to know how much power you were using, and specifically where that power was going   

  • Researching made easier with ResearchHelp

    I like productivity at my fingertips, so for this post, I'm going to walk through a tool that I've created to save time for online researching. This tool can be made to launch by simply using a shortcut key while you're in any application.   

  • Building Network Utilities

    In this, the first In The Box article, Sean Campbell digs into the new System.Net.NetworkInformation namespace, and builds a simple utility that will look for devices on the network.