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    XML for Fun is all about how to use XML and Web Services in your own applications, just because. Peter Bernhardt shows you that angle brackets aren't just for business applications.
    Some of the articles so far:

    • Building a Family History Client
      In this, the second part of Peter's "Building a Family History Web Service", he shows you a client application that provides a front end to the Web service.  
    • Building a Family History Web Service
      In my next two entries I’m going to review a family history Web service I’ve built using Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. In this entry, I’ll start with a look at the Web service.  
    • Using the Google Web Service
      If you’re like me, you probably spend more time at Google than any other place on the Internet. It remains my first and usually best choice for Internet-based research. Did you know that Google also has a Web service? With the Google Web service, you can bring the power of the Google search engine to any .NET Framework-based application.  
    • Using the Amazon Web Services
      To kick off the new "XML for Fun" column, Peter Bernhardt looks at how to create client applications that consume a Web service. In this article, he uses the Amazon Web services to build an application that searches for books, music or movies based on keywords.  

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    I've tried the import from Itunes example you have. Doing the import hangs C#express (and VBexpress) everytime.

    Is it possible my library is too large?  (It's over 3megs) listing over 3200 songs.  I don't think that's a lot but who knows.



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    3200 songs! Wow -- could be, let me look into the code to see why it might seem to hang.

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    How would you go about doing this in C# 2005 Express? As far as I have been able to figure out, there isn't a xml data control and the only datasources that appear to be available are Access and SQLExpress. Granted, I am still a day into C# 2005... and I might have just not found it.


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    You are looking in the wrong place.  Go to  They have a library that interfaces X10 devices.  They also support softwire, a graphics based language to program your X.10 and lots of other stuff.

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    The MSI package for the C# source was missing the solution file (can be created by just opening the cs proj file) and the dlls (Raccoom.Xml.dll,, and Interop.SpeechLib.dll). I was able to copy these from the VB MSI package, fix the references, and compile just fine.

    Great project. Thanks.

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    The DLLs are included in the C# package as well, kinda.  You can locate them in the bin/Debug directory and recreate the references.

    Tony mentions that he'd like to have somebody extend his X10 code but I can't seem to find the source for anywhere and that's where the CM11a listener is located.  Perplexed

    I have the protocol specification sheet for the CM11a but I haven't figured out how to communicate with the thing yet.  How do you send it commands?

    I've been using the System.IO.Ports.SerialPort class's Write method.  Other implementations I have seen flip the DTS/RTS signals manually.  Is that the way it must be done? Expressionless

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    I just found your the on displaying your iTunes library on the web.  Well, I'm having the same problem with the program hanging when I try to populate the tree with my itunes library.  I have a HUGE library so I'm assuming this is the issue.  Were you able to find any solution to this?

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