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View Thread: DataGridView, ComboBox and Generics.ArrayList(Of MyObject1)
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    Klaus Enevoldsen wrote:
    I have a DataGridView that data binds to an ArrayList (Generics of MyClass1). I have added colums and the objects that already are in the ArrayList are shown just fine.

    Problem 1) I cannot seem to add new rows to the grid. There is proberbly som event I have to respond to or something...

    I've just started playing around with the DataGridView control myself.  How are you trying to add new rows to the grid?  Programatically?  Or by clicking on the empty row of the grid and typing?

    If the latter, you need to look at the settings for what keystrokes begins a row add.  I fiddled with that (code not in front of me) and it started working.  Also note that the 'AddRows' event fires as soon as you start adding a new row- not when you finish.