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Outlook 2003

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    Steven J Ackerman

    How about fixing the Junk Mail filter in Outlook 2003 ?

    It works great, but if you have a rule setup on your inbox to move e-mails after being received, the Junk filter moves the spam to the junk folder, then the inbox rule moves the spam from the junk folder to the target - effectively nulling out the junk filter.  Comeon guys.

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    You mean, Outlook does what you tell it to do?

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    I'm having a tough time imagining what kind of Outlook rule you would be using that would also commonly catch spam messages.

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    I also noticed the problem. When you enable Junk Mail Filter in Outlook 2003 and set a rule for moving mail, for example from specific account to the specific folder, junk mail filter catches the spam and moves it to the Junk Mail Folder, but the rule you set moves the mail [from the account you set] back from the Junk Mail Folder to the folder you set in rule options.

    That's the problem - Outlook should not "scan" mail in the Junk Mail Folder.

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