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    Hi spod,

    Seeing as how you are going to be asking some questions in the platform security area...Wink

    Is there any update on the status of Palladium (aka Trusted Computing Platform, aka NGSCB, aka La Grande etc. etc.)? Is it still on the roadmap or have the rather ironic concerns of privacy advocates caused a rethink (I say ironic because the same advocates often desire a more secure platform and not because I consider privacy irrelevant)?

    One among many reasons I ask this is that from an application developer's perspective I see a big need for an application secure store. The user should always be able to remove the application, including the store, but an application often needs to have a security layer that is not dependent on the user.

    An example would be a peer-to-peer application. The application wants to expose services on participating peers but only to instances of the same or designated applications. Today the only security mechanisms available, on any PC platform (since it's a hardware problem), are user based.