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Loading embedded image in winforms control.

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    I am writing a control that inherits from the panel control. I want to load an embedded image as the background image for my panel control. However every measure i have taken to load my embedded image has resulted in an error when adding the control to an application. Any ideas on what i can do to fix it?

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    How about some source code of what you've tried? What exactly do you mean by an "embedded image?"

    Embedded as a resource in the project? If so, are you sure you've got the resource name correct when you load it? I use the following code to find the names of resources embedded in an assembly:

    Assembly a = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly();
    string [] resNames = a.GetManifestResourceNames();

    The resNames array will have all of the resources in it. The name may surprise you, as it will have the full namespace name, such as "StarTechnologies.SdtGui.VisioSupport.ImageList16.png" where the namespace name (in this case, "StarTechnologies.SdtGui.VisioSupport") is, I believe, the Default Namespace property of the assembly's project.

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