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Windows Media Player 9 pitch control

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    Hey guys,

     I hope this is the right place to post this type of question. If not, hopefully the moderators will simply remove it. Anyways, here's my question.

    I'm developing an audio tool based on Windows Media Player 9's SDK and I absolutly need to be able to change the playback rate without losing the original pitch. However, I'm using a standard mpg format for my audio files and so when I set the myPlayer.settings.rate to anything other than 1.0, I lose the pitch and I either get a chipmunk sound or a barry white sound. I read the following in the SDK:

    Windows Media Player will attempt to use the most effective of four different playback modes. These modes are smooth video playback with audio pitch maintained, smooth video playback with audio pitch not maintained, smooth video playback with no audio, and keyframe video playback with no audio. The mode chosen by the Player depends on numerous factors including file type and location, operating system, network, and server.

    Here's the question:
    Is there any way to force WMP to use a specific the playback mode? I absolutly need to get this to work with the audio pitch maintained so if anyone out there has a tip for me, I'd be most grateful!!

    Yours truly,
    Michael Evraire

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    The Windows Media Player uses several different aspects of Microsoft multimedia technologies such as the Windows Media Format SDK & Directshow. 

    That specific feature is only enabled via the Windows Media Format SDK which in this case sources WMA and MP3 files, so these are the only file types that this functionality work behave with using the current player.

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    I've played around with this also, and found that it helps to use the WMA format and the WMP SDK...

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