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Tablet PC Exclamation Gesture

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    Googled all around the web trying to find someone else with this issue, and I couldn't think of a better place to ask.  Hey, might even get some of the people on the team to let me know whats up.

    I have been trying very hard to get my app to recognize the exclamation gesture.  Its the only one I can't see how to draw/get the code to recognize.  For reference, this is a .NET WinForms app with a single form and a big ol' InkPicture control docked to fill.  I am listening to the Gesture event and I have gesture recognition turned on (I can get all of the other gestures to work).  I've tried SetGestureStatus-ing to AllGestures, just Exclamation, Exclamation and Tap, everything I can think of.  It adamantly refuses to recognize Exclamation!  The most I get is a Down followed by a Tap, just a Tap, or nothing at all.  I'm doing it as quick as I can - do I just really suck at drawing exclamation points?

    If anybody can help me out with this (Tablet PC team ultra-coder or otherwise) I'd greatly appreciate it.  Not blocking any sort of project, but I'd really like to know why I can't get this one to work!

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    Here is a quote from someone else, not me:

    “Exclamation Gesture“ is a double-stroke gesture.

    Double-stroke gestures are not recognized when using InkAndGesture mode. You have to be sure to use GestureOnly mode."


    ~ Knute

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