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HTTP Header / ASP .NET problem - need help.

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    I want to develop a HttpModule which adds a CUSTOM HTTP Header "Response.AddHeader("X-MyHeader", "testvalue")". But why I cannot get the header in the next request ?! I´ve tested this way: request.Headers[..] and request.Servervariables["ALL_RAW"]. But I doesn´t get my own defined HTTP Header back from the client. Is it possible - or what I´m doing wrong ?

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    Thats not how HTTP works.

    When you set the header, it is sent back to the client with the rest of the HTTP headers (eg HTTP status code, caching info, cookies etc).

    When the client sends the next request, it will NOT include your header. The headers are purely response headers and are only used by the browser to decide how to handle the page. They are forgotten as soon as the page has been loaded.

    If you wish to save information on the client between requests, use a cookie.

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    or in the url like the cookieless session. Smiley or perhaps in the viewstate ?!

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