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UIPAB : Creating/Resuming TASKS

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    Hi, I'm working on (figuring) the UIPAB2.0 from MS.  I've got all the basic navigation and (non-persisted) state stuff working fine, and it's great..

    I do seem to be having problems moving onto Tasking and persisting state from tasts, resuming tasks, etc.  I feel the examples included tended to 'jump' from the basic, to the really advanced stuff a bit, maybe that's just me.  Anyway, does anyone have good experience with Tasking, what I would really like is a simplistic run-through of how to implement tasking, I'm not expecting it to be dead easy, but at least I'd like to see how Tasking is written without all the extra stuff supplied with the examples (it gets hard to seperate out the code I should be looking at etc).

    So, generally I like the block, and I hope it gets used more and more, but if anyone does have some knowledge on this area of the block they could share I know myself and some others would seriously appreciate it.

    Peace dudes.

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