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    .Net stores configuration in XML files, named with the .config extension, where in the Web case, the file is called Web.Config, and in applications case, the file is the [name of the assembly].config, so, my question is... Can I assign a configuration file for specific Assemblies?
    Assuming my project use 2 distinct Assemblies, the main one, wich is an Windows Forms Executable, and a DLL for the Bussiness Layer...
    If I want two config files, could I use:
    So, when BL.dll read something from Configuration file, it gets from it's own .config, and the same for MyApp.exe...
    I don't even know if it's useful for something, but I was wondering...
    Because, I was developing with unit testing, and I was searching a way to the testing assembly gets the ConnectionString from the Configuration file (it's still unsolved)... Then it comes up in my mind...