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VB6 Fails calls .net dll return no value for method...

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    Hi I do not know how to describe my problem at the topic.

    This thing related to vb6 calls -> com interop -> C# dll -> c dll

    I had fail miserably in VB6. I had get it work in c# and

    I had a C function:

    EXTERN int WINAPI CallValue(LPBYTE var1, LPBYTE var2, LPBYTE var3, int size);

    I do in C# dllimport:

    // will perform some calculations
    [DllImport("wenching.dll", EntryPoint="#1", ExactSpelling=true, CharSet=CharSet.Unicode)]
    private extern static int CallValue(byte[] var1, byte[] var2, byte[] var3, int size);

    In C# or VB.NET, i will do this:

    char [] var1value = Var1TextBox.Text.ToCharArray();
    char [] var2value = Var2TextBox.Text.ToCharArray()

    byte [] newvar1value = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(var1value);
    byte [] newvar2value = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(var2value);
    byte [] newvar3value = new byte [100];

    int size = 10;

    WenChingCls.Checker wcchua = new WenChingCls.Checker();
    int i = wcchua.CallValue(newvar1value, newvar2value, newvar3value, size);

    For loop ...
    str += newvar3value[i]

    It works in C# or VB.NET!

    Now in VB6.

    I used this code:

    dim var1value as String
    var1value = Var1TextBox.Text ' I enter 11
    dim var2value as String
    var2value = Var2TextBox.Text ' I enter 11

    dim newvar1value() as Byte
    newvar1value = (my_own_string_2_byte_func)(var1value) 'string 1, byte 49
    dim newvar2value() as Byte
    newvar2value = (my_own_string_2_byte_func)(var2value)

    dim newvar3value(100) as Byte

    dim wcchua as new WenChingCls.Checker

    dim i as integer

    dim size as integer
    size = 10

    i = wcchua.CallValue(newvar1value, newvar2value, newvar3value, size)

    Fail to see any value from newvar3value:

    during debugging watch:

    newvar1value[0] = 49
    newvar1value[1] = 49

    newvar2value[0] = 49
    newvar2value[1] = 49

    newvar3value[3] = 0
    newvar3value[1] = 0 // no output value! why?

    I am not sure why it cannot get the value? I am using vb6 app to call a COM References of my .net library. I can confirm that i had called a c# dll from vb6 before.

    Any tips for me please? Is this vb6 weaknesses?


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    hi chuawenching

    I'm not a vb or an interop expert, so could be way off the mark here.... From what you describe it could be how you are declaring your c# WenChingCls.Checker.CallValue method.

    Do you declare the third parameter to this as ref byte[]. If not then the COM interop layer would discard the output params before the vb client sees them...

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    Oh yeah. Thanks. Fix it.

    I noticed that c# out and ref have huge problems when vb6 calls them. Only will happen on arrays.

    So i better re-create that function that returns an array.


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