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Possible Windows XP and IE Bugs

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    Since I got a good response to the last two bugs I posted here I thought I'd post the most recent potential ones I've discovered, if a Microsoft employee could pass these on to the relevant people that would be great Smiley

    1. SQL Server Enterprise Manager Server Registrations Lost After Changing Password in Windows XP

    The issue is with Windows XP Service Pack 1 (and all subsequent patches), when you change your password (Windows NT Domain) you lose all of your server registrations in SQL Server Enterprise Manager (SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a) 

    2. Lose access to Digital ID's After Changing Password in Windows XP

    Possibly related, after changing password any Digital ID's (email certificates for digital signing and encryption) you have registered in Outlook 2003 stop working with the following error message:

    Your Digital ID name can not be found by the underlying security system.

    I have replicated both of these problems on two machines under two different user accounts. I can't find any relevant KB articles about these issues, because these are production machines I'm not in a position to try the Service Pack 2 beta.

    3. Retrieving the value of a SELECT list in JavaScript doesn't meet the W3C standard

    If you have a SELECT list that contains OPTION's that don't have values (ie no VALUE attribute) the W3C standard says that the text between the OPTION tags should be used in place of the value. However, if you try to retrieve the value of the SELECT list in Internet Explorer 6 it returns an empty string if there is no value attribute.

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