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Amazon Web Services

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    Andrew Davey

    Anyone here using the Amazon web services?

    I am making an app that suggests other MP3s to play based on the current track. This is done by querying the Amazon 'Similar Items' feature - accessed using the web service they provide.
    My problem is the service is being very flakey. I get loads of "We encountered an error at our end...blah bah" and "HTTP Status 504: Proxy Timeout ..."

    I am running my box thru an ISA server could this effect performance/cause hassle?

    Any ideas/experiences using Amazon w/s ?


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    You should ask at the Amazon web service board:

    I think you'll find that it slows down or stops working once in a while. It eventually gets fixed. It's just something you have to deal with. Try to use the service asynchronously and maybe store requests in a queue so you can try them later if they aren't working.

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