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Whidbey, Avalon and XAML

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    Microsoft released 2 preview version of Whidbey (Longhorn and XP version) and I am using the latter version because I want to make use of the new graphics layer of Windows Longhorn (Avalon).  This would mean we have to learn XAML.  I want to open this thread for other developers like me who are using Avalon and creating the so called "Next Generation UI" to give insights on their experiences.

    I am learning XAML for over a week now and there's a lot of questions running through my mind.  To start the forum, I just want to throw few scenarios to the Microsoft guys and ask for their inputs.

    1.  I have seen a few articles and even videos regarding Avalon and that it suppose to totally separate the UI from the business logic layer, but how could this be done if the you have limited controls that could be used in XAML?

    2.  I also saw the new integration features of Avalon and Window Forms that you will be able to host one to the other.  I tried to host a Windos Form Cotrol under Avalon Windows but I could not control some of its properties (so I think) during runtime.  I coded it all in .cs using Avalon namespaces.  Does this mean I have to do all my coding using XAML? (I dont know if I formulated this question correctly or maybe its because I dont have enough reference for this)

    3.  Why is it that the references samples that I find in the web are under the latest release , XP version, of Whidbey (I termed it XP version because it can only be installed in XP).  Should I assumed that this would be the same in Longhorn?

    4.  The new release of Whidbey uses System namespace and no long MSAvalon.  Will the prototypes that are created with MSAvalon namespace will still work when port to the new Whidbey?

    These are just are few things running through my mind right now.  I would add as the forum progresses.  To the other developers out there, feel free to input similar issues and inquiries that you may have in this thread.



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