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.Net and Networked Printers---BUG?

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    Printer settings does not all give a complete list of the PC's printers.



    WinXP SP1 
    VS 2003 ver 7.1.3088 
    .net framework ver 1.1.4322

    Pc has one local printer attached to Lpt1:
    and three networked printers through a microsoft printserver. Default printer is local printer.

    Ran the following code:

    pd As New Printing.PrintDocument

    Dim prt As New PrintDialog

    prt.Document = pd

    prt.PrinterSettings = New Printing.PrinterSettings


    Only the local printer shows up in the drop down box on the print dialog.

    Changed the default printer for the machine to a networked printer. Re-ran the test and all printers (4) showed up in the drop down box on the print dialog.

    Reset default to local printer. Ran test and again only one printer.


    Has anyone else encountered this. I repeated the test on another XP machine and got same result. We have had some issues with the networked printers and other programs prompting us to install the drivers locally but this is not a preferred solution.

    Any advice or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

    If this has been seen before is this a Bug or a "Feature"?


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