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Setting up a web server

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    Dear users,

    I am new to this forum & I have a question. I want to set up a web server with FTP and email server but I don't know which ISP in Canada is the best for my objective. I now have a Bell Canada but I think it has some disadvantages:

    1) It has dynamic IP
    2) It has blocked the port 25 for sending emails.
    3) I think for residential access the web hosting is prohibited.

    But I found an advantage:

    *) It has no limit for download and upload. It provides an unlimited bandwidth.

    So for setting up a web server for hosting many web sites, what ISP do you suggest me ? I found another one which I think may be better. It is IStop ( Is it good ?

    I would be so thankful if you help me.

    p.s.: I live in Montreal (Quebec).

    Best Regards,
    Alireza Tadayoni.

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    check your T&C's about this.  i know in the Uk many ISP's state don't run a server of your connection, probably the only one allowed would be a games one.

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    I have found that my ISP does not notice my web server, probably because it is a personal web site that has very little traffic. 

    To get around the dynamic IP problem, you can use a service such as DNS2go or no-ip.  These services provide a client that sends heartbeats back to thier server that indicate your current IP address.  When your IP changes, the new IP address is updated in their DNS listing of your domain name.  I think no-ip is free for basic non-commercial use (  I personally use DNS2Go (  I cannot recommend one over the other, but I can say that the one I'm using works very well.

    If you are going to set up a web server to run one or more sites for commercial purposes, then you probably should look into a hosting service.  For a small monthly fee you get a basic web server and some bandwidth allocation.  If you need more storage or bandwidth, then you upgrade to a higher tier.  A friend of mine does this and simply FTPs his site updates to the hosted server.  I think he pays about $10/month for low end web server, bandwidth and storage.  Here is a link to some reviews on hosting providers:

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    just outta random intrest say i ordered a 360 day eval version of Windows 2003 server, is there anything stoping me from using it to host my blog or similar?

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