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View Thread: Building a Picture Frame with Windows CE 5.0 - Step 1
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    Always cool to come accross this project again Smiley I love it. But the question that comes to mind (that's why I'm posting and I hope somebody might read it) is what possibilites there are to keep a project such as this running more than 120 days.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the tools and the image expires after 120 days? Ok, that's not nice but it's understandable *g*. Further up there is a link to the licensing stuff.

    Ok, the $995 for the development tools are way out of reach for private/student projects. But the $9 or $16 per runtime license sound ok - if they actually sell them a single licenses (which I don't believe, but I'll just assume it - because you could always group up a bunch of people and buy the minimum amount of licenses).

    But, the question is, can I use an OS image from the development eval kit with a real (bought) runtime license and so make it run way after the 120-days?

    If not, what are all you guys doing CE projects out there doing? Do you keep downloading the eval kits and rebuilding os images?? I'm keen to know...