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View Thread: Building a Picture Frame with Windows CE 5.0 - Step 1
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    Trying to follow along...

    When I get to the end of the new platform wizard, I get a messagebox saying that the driver resolver is not available in this release - see the release notes for more detail.  There are no devices in my workspace window.

    In the release notes, I was able to find the following:

    Driver resolver not available

    Driver resolver functionality is not included in this Macallan beta.

    To manually add drivers to your OS design, open the Platform Settings dialog box, switch to the Environment tab, and enter the relevant BSP environment variables.

    Drivers are normally brought in by platform.bib or common.bib. Examine these files to help determine which dependant drivers should be included.

    Right...that explains it <g>

    Now, how do I go about getting the appropriate device drivers into my workspace?  Was there something I needed to set up beforehand to get the right ones automatically copied, or do I need to copy them in manually?  If I need to copy them in manually, which ones do I need?