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HELP: WinFX over LH7074

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    I've been using WinFX SDK on WinXP SP2, I have installed the longhorn build 7074, the problem Im having that the my .xaml files are not working!
    I tried to refer to another book rather than the SDK help, i found almost totally diffrent names of the tags and file structure such as project files.
    I tried to use the book examples but they won't run either! Guys I'm stuck! any hints?

    Book: Introducing Microsoft WinFX, Brent Rector,Microsoft Press.

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    According to my Google results, that book was published in January 2004, and therefore is outdated.  Avalon and the XAML syntax it uses has changed quite a bit since then.  Make sure any examples you are looking at are no older than May 2005 since thats the last release of Avalon with major syntax changes (particularly in styles).  Older examples may work, but they may be outdated as well.

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    Mike Dimmick

    Also, Longhorn build 4074 is antique - it's from last year's WinHEC conference. Since then Microsoft have reset the project. Vista beta 1 is build 5112 IIRC.

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