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Visual Studio 2003 Build Locking

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    I've been using VS 2003 for a couple of years now. The *biggest* bug bear for me is that whilst building, the IDE frequently hangs - sometimes in excess of 15 seconds. Sometimes the entire desktop freezes.

    I cannot understand what could possibly cause this. I've disabled the virus scanner, themes engine and rolled back to the safest video driver available. Nothing seems to fix it.

    Does anyone have any experience of this? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    My VS Solution has approximately 70 projects - all  C#, except for one VB.NET and one MC++/C++.


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    Mike Dimmick

    Are any of these projects registered for COM Interop? When you register an assembly, all public classes, not marked with the ComVisible attribute set to false, are registered. On one of our projects, this was taking a really, really long time to unregister then re-register.

    To stop this happening, we changed most of the classes to internal rather than public, leaving only the ones that we actually wanted to expose to COM. An alternative is to add the ComVisible(false) attribute.

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    Thanks Mike, will give it a go.

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