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ParameterCountMisMatch passing array to Second/Third Domain

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    Okay, my code needs to call functions in a Services.DLL that may be unloaded and loaded. So far this has worked, one issue I'm getting is trying to pass paramaters to a function into the domain.

    I have my primary domain, which opens a Proxy domain. The Proxy domain does the grunt work talking to the Services.DLL that will be unloaded, by opening a special Domain for the Services.DLL.

    The Proxy domain does an Invoke on the Services.DLL, passing in a parameter. It's just a string. However, I get a ParameterCountMismatch error when it tries to do the Invoke.

    '----- Primary domain (opens a Proxy domain)

    Private Sub Backup()
    Dim thisPath(0) As String
    thisPath(0) = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().CodeBase).Remove(0, 6) & "\DMData.bak"

     Call Proxy.DoBackup(thisPath)

     Call Me.UpdateStatus("Data has been backed up successfully.")
     Catch ex As Exception
    Call Me.ReportError("Backup", ex.ToString)
      MsgBox("There was an error during backup. Please contact Century Color.")
     End Try

    End Sub

    '----- Proxy Code (Opens my Services domain)
    Public Sub DoBackup(ByVal thisPath() As String)
    Call Me.methBackup.Invoke(Me.objDsrvc, thisPath) '<--- This errors
    End Sub

    '----- Method that should be called (In the Services domain)
    Public Sub BackupData(ByVal thisPath As String)
    Me.cmdRunBackup.Connection.ConnectionString = "uid=xxxxxx;pwd=xxxxxxxx;data source=" & conServer & ";initial catalog=DataMatch3"

    'Check and open the conneection
    If Me.cmdRunBackup.Connection.State <> ConnectionState.Open Then Me.cmdRunBackup.Connection.Open()
    Me.cmdRunBackup.Parameters("@dumpPath").Value = thisPath
      'Fire away
    Catch ex As Exception
    Throw New ApplicationException(ex.ToString)
    If Me.cmdRunBackup.Connection.State <> ConnectionState.Closed Then Me.cmdRunBackup.Connection.Close()
    End Try
    End Sub

    Edit: I've fixed the above code, it works now.

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