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MS Development process

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    I was wondering, what development process model does microsoft use for its projects?

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    this? Smiley

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    That depends on what kind of projects.  Just as other authors have noted, there are different "worlds" of software.  Each has its own pace, its own constraints.  "Shrinkwrap" projects have very heavy requirements around unit testing and maintaining a bug free code base.  Games projects have heavy requirements around memory constraints and processor speed.  IT projects have heavy requirements around being able to meet internal needs with an agile but comprehensive approach.

    What kinds of projects are you asking about?

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    Mike Dimmick
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    I kinda get the point you guys are making. I am not very experienced when it comes to working inside/with development processes. (Started with it 1 year ago)

    There's not really one process you use for every kind of project. I know that from experience now Smiley
    But I was wondering, what's the most used development process at MS (Or perhaps in the software development business).

    And how does a "guru" choose the right development process for the job.

    P.S. I am talking about processes around database software (spefically enterprise size solutions)

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