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Corporate IM: Exchange or Jabber?

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    I'm researching corporate IM.  I'm trying out a Jabber server (Jive Messenger), and Exchange 2000's Instant Messaging service.

    I like Exchange 2000's Active Directory integration.  But this second question kind of throws me for a loop:

    Do you really need Passport to use Exchange 2000's IM for intra-org instant messaging?

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    The danger of going down the Exchange route is that its been dropped from Exchange 2003. You'd have to more over to Office Live Communications Server at some point.

    LCS is supposed to be a lot better for intra-org messaging than Exchange though.

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    Thanks, AndyC!  I'll make my recommendations accordingly.

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    My old company, Gannette, largest US newspaper company, uses Jabber (And we have Exchange) -- if that means anything...

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