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ASP.NET worker process run amuck.

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    Today we had an ASP.NET worker process chew up 100% of the CPU on both our Web servers.  In the course of trying to diagnose the problem someone asked a simple question: how can you tell what Web App that worker process is associated with so we can flog the developer?  Can anybody tell me how you would go about tracking down the associated Web App for an ASP.NET worker process?  I quashed the idea to flog the developer... it's just not in the spirit of ISO 9001.

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    Under IIS 6 you can have each worker process run under a different acount name, that's one way to spot which app is running in what process.

    Or you can use process explorer from sysinterals to see what DLLs are loaded in that process.


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    You aren't by chance running any Crystal Report stuff (the .NET version) on your web server?  We learned long ago that generating PDF documents from a web app consumed many resources, sometimes for an extended period of time.
    Your situation may vary of course.

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