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Evil MVC Curiousity

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    On another thread, I expounded about my recent experience with Catalyst under perl. This has led me to wonder if an MVC of this type can be hoisted into .NET easily, if at all.

    One of the features that struck me was that Catalyst has no config files like struts, or does. It simply loads all available modules in a directory tree, deduces url->controller mappings from the subroutine attributes and proceeds to do it's thing.  While that can easily be achieved using .NET attributes, is it possible to inject new url->controller mappings into IIS? I was thinking that writing a simple HttpHandler would do the trick. That handler could in turn load all of the MVC assemblies and store the mappings internally. I've never tried it...can an IIS script map->handler be setup to handle every request  to the site?

    What about the other side of the fence? Can ASP.NET pages work in a true MVC? Instead of them being the primary point of development, we would now be sending data collections to an ASP.NET page to be rendered; if that makes and sense.

    Admittedly, I'm not a .NET junky or a guru. I write assemblies in C# and dabble in ASP.NET at the $dayjob. At night I jump the fence and do mostly Apache/perl stuff. Jack of all trades; master of none.


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