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Strange IE bug

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    Go here in IE and any specifications-compliant browser

    At first it seems fine in both browsers, right?

    Well, upload a file (preferably a small GIF or JPEG) in both browsers.

    You'll notice the compliant one shows the page normally. But in IE, there's a weird warping + show/hide thing that happens when you scroll down.

    You'll also notice the <a> element inside the <pre> has been cleared below the "More Adverts" element.

    I haven't seen this bug on any IE bugsites before, but can anyone else confirm this and/or suggest some workarounds?

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    It does not look right per default in IE6 XP SP2 (latest patches and so on)

    The input type=file does not appear until the more ads section is done. Between there is just background colour.

    When scrolling the box titled Uploaded resizes in y axis but still "File to upload" and the input-tag are divided by about the same length as "More ads" box.

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